Camila Micán
Camila MicánGlobal Education Intern, Fall 2021

In 2019, international student Camila A. Micán obtained her triple B.A. in Political Science, Global & International Studies, and History from the University of Kansas as part of the Honors Program. Now a graduate student in Global & International Studies, she focuses her research on the intersection between education and global development, peace building, power and accountability, cultural preservation, and grassroots politics. She has worked extensively in England and the United States to redefine the perspective of Colombia as a “narco-country” and bring awareness of the real challenges and marvels of her home country, both as a nation and as a state. Camila aspires to have a career in academia and in the nonprofit sector, studying societies around the world and contributing to the creation of equitable education systems that will aid in the development of lasting world peace. Camila enjoys playing with her foster cats, watching anime, and meditating.