Shahid S. Qadri
Shahid S. QadriRetired from Black & Veatch

As a retired vice president from Black & Veatch, Shahid brings to the IRC board of directors global experience and relationships of more than 46 years managing and helping to build energy infrastructure. He worked on numerous studies and projects in more than 35 mostly developing countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas in areas of management, business development, project development, engineering, and consulting. He has presented numerous papers on energy and environment at international conferences and has held positions on boards, committees, and working groups of government, nonprofit and national and international socio-cultural organizations. He is passionate to bring America and Americans and all the people of the world closer through mutual understanding, respect, and mutually beneficial pursuits and programs.

For Shahid, the IRC matters because empowering citizens of the United States with knowledge and insight of global affairs and issues is very valuable towards a better understanding and engagement for a better future for the United States and its leadership role in the world.