Narbeli Galindo
Narbeli GalindoBaker University & GlobalEITrade Consulting LLC

William Everett and Mary Ellen Mealman Endowed Business Leadership and Innovation Chair for Baker University within the Department of Business & Economics, Narbeli actively engages with the Greater Kansas City business community in meaningful ways to promote the interests of students, the department, and the university. She also teaches International Trade, Corporate Finance, and Introduction to Business and leads the Entrepreneurship program, which demonstrates the importance of business leadership and innovation. Baker University, founded in 1858, is the oldest university in Kansas.

Narbeli also owns a global expansion investment trade consulting firm assisting companies to grow locally or globally and attracting foreign direct investors to the U.S. by assisting with key funding resources, government incentives, workforce training programs, and EB-5 expertise.

For Narbeli, the IRC matters because it keeps our local community informed of key global policy issues and provides strong global networking connections.