Kelli Meilink
Kelli MeilinkHusch Blackwell

Kelli is an attorney with a passion for international politics. Kelli focuses her practice on immigration law, working with local and international businesses, colleges and universities, and health care organizations to assist them in hiring and maintaining foreign national employees in the U.S. and maintain compliance with U.S. immigration laws. She also counsels foreign national investors and entrepreneurs seeking immigration status in the U.S. to run their businesses. As part of her pro bono practice, Kelli regularly works on behalf of immigrant children.

For Kelli, the IRC matters because it offers a place for businesses, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, and individuals to grow and develop as participants in the global community. What she love about the IRC is that it offers something for everyone, whether you are part of a business looking to expand in global markets, a student working to build a career in an international field, or an individual seeking to network and learn more about international events and opportunities.