Around the world, women are transforming how business gets done in sectors from government and foreign policy to the arts and international commerce. Women bring unique perspectives, approaches, and value to leadership roles. The International Relations Council is proud to present a six-week series of insightful conversations with women in positions of global leadership. With their help, we’ll explore the opportunities and challenges female leaders face in an international landscape and the outlooks and insights that have made the difference for them and their sector.

All programs will take place from 12-1 p.m. Central time. Please click on the program of interest below for more information and a link to register.

Please check back as additional participants are confirmed.

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Dr. Karenbeth Zacharias

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Nicole Gresham Perry

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Dr. Andrea Hendricks
Senior Executive Director & Chief Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer, Cerner Corporation

Kristina Perkin Davison
Co-Founder &
Managing Partner,

Beth Ward
Senior Vice President &
Chief Supply Chain Officer, Hallmark Global

Nicole Gresham Perry
Managing Partner,
Carpere Group

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Cristina Avila-Zesatti
Corresponsal de Paz

Daisy Sindelar
Vice President & Editor in Chief, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Vanessa Bassill
Founder, President & Executive Director of the Media Association for Peace (MAP)

Mary Sanchez
Nationally Syndicated Columnist,
Tribune Content Agency

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Min Jung Kim Barbara B. Taylor Director, St. Louis Art Museum

Deborah Sandler General Director and CEO, Lyric Opera KC

Consuelo Cruz
Marketing and Community Engagement Manager, Belger Cartage
Service, Inc. and Belger Arts.

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Vedika Bhandarkar Chief Operating Officer,

Teddy Naluwu
Project Coordinator,
Unbound Uganda

Nithyasri Sharma
Manager, Strategy, Women’s World Banking

Eileen Neave Purkeypile      Director of Marketing & Development, Children’s Emergency Relief Int’l.

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Esther George
President & CEO,
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

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Nicole Breland Aandahl
Director, Diversity and Leadership in International Affairs Program, CSIS

Ann-Louise Colgan
Director, Public Education, United States
Institute of Peace

Sarah Staton
Deputy Director,
Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs

Dr. Karenbeth Zacharias
Director, Lawrence D. Starr Center for Peace & Justice, University of St. Mary