Thank You For Supporting Your Global Future 2023

Tuesday, October 17  ●  8:00am to 12pm  ●  Kansas City Convention Center

Away from the borders and coasts, Kansas City-area students are often surprised to find just how many international academic and professional opportunities await them. This unique college and career fair brought over 800 students from 24 student groups and organizations to the table with dozens of international businesses, organizations, colleges, and universities, to show them just how global their future can be.

New Initiatives for Students and Teachers

A trade show-style college and career fair where businesses, universities, and organizations will come together under the same roof to interact with hundreds of area high school students.

This year, the IRC is pleased to offer StriveScan technology to students and exhibitors who are looking to spend more time in conversation and less time writing down contact information!

Educators attending Your Global Future are eligible for the IRC’s new $300 Teacher Microgrant Program. These $300 microgrants will be awarded to teachers who are eager to incorporate international affairs and awareness into their classroom in creative ways. You can find more information here.

Students attending Your Global Future will have the opportunity to express their interest in international affairs and issues through two-dimensional art and short essays. Works will be on display through a digital exhibition, and one winner in each category will be awarded a $250 cash prize. Find more information and downloadable resources here.

Your Global Future is free for students and educators, but transportation can be costly. To make Your Global Future a welcoming and accessible program, the IRC is partnering with the Explore Foundation to provide transportation reimbursements to eligible applicants.

The Explore Foundation is a Kansas City non-profit organization that empowers educators to extend learning beyond the classroom. We are clearing the roadblocks that prohibit teachers and their students from going on field trips. Explore provides direct support for the facilitation of field trips. With minimal overhead, the impact of donors has been significant for the educational experiences of students across the KC Metro area.

Teachers attending Your Global Future can apply for transportation reimbursement here. Proposals must be submitted prior to attending Your Global Future. Please contact Chloe Thomas, Global Education Coordinator, with any questions.

Your Global Future Sponsors

Sustaining Sponsor
Sustaining Sponsor
International Affairs and Institute for International and Global Engagement
International Affairs and Institute for International and Global EngagementSupporting Sponsor
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Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas CityAccess Sponsor
Catholic Charities of Northeast KansasAccess Sponsor
University of Kansas - French, Francophone & Italian DepartmentAccess Sponsor
YMCA of Greater Kansas CityAccess Sponsor


Exhibitors include domestic and international businesses, government agencies, nonprofit and skilled trade organizations, colleges and universities, and student resource organizations. Each group will be able to showcase the ways that their work provides more global perspectives for students seeking opportunities after high school.

No problem! While some students at Your Global Future may be seeking jobs or internships, many attend to learn about different post-graduation pathways that are available to them. For example, Kansas City law firms do not hire high school students. However, if a student at Your Global Future meets a lawyer for the first time and has the opportunity to learn about what being a lawyer is like, they may see a new possibility for their future.

As an annual event, feedback is an essential part of Your Global Future. In 2022, almost 80% of students said that they felt Your Global Future had increased their knowledge of post-graduation opportunities. Meanwhile, 83% of teachers agreed they would like to participate in Your Global Future 2023.

When reflecting on their favorite aspects of the event, students from Your Global Future said:

  • “My favorite part was getting to learn information from people first hand instead of just online.”
  • “I get to talk to actual people from the colleges I want to go to so I get more information.”
  • “I really love the diversity here. There’s colleges, community colleges, the military. . . It’s giving me a broader idea. . . a breakthrough of what I want to do.”
  • “All the great presenters! <3 the nonprofits!”

Thanks to the generous support of exhibitors and sponsors, Your Global Future is free for students and teachers every year. Schools can apply for transportation reimbursements through the Explore Foundation.

Sponsorship is designated by level and ranges from $500 to $4,500. Each level of sponsorship receives unique benefits that can increase the visibility and impact of your organization. More about sponsorship levels and benefits can be found here. As for exhibitors, registration falls under two periods:

Questions or concerns? Please do not hesitate to reach out to Chloe Thomas, Global Education Coordinator.

For more information about sponsor packages, which ensure cost-free programming for students and can increase your visibility and impact, please contact Chloe Thomas.

For more information on IRC organizational membership, please contact Daniel Fitzpatrick or visit our pages for business, university, and nonprofit organizational members.

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