Dr. Robert Evanson, Associate Professor and Acting Associate Dean, UMKC

Joyce Cox, Center High School teacher

Topic: Inside Eastern Europe: Political and Economic Changes in Hungry and Czechoslovakia


David Mark, U.S. Ambassador to Russia and Georgia

Topic: Update on Russia and Georgia


General Carl E. Vuono, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army

Topic: Desert Storm and the Army of the 1990s


Jeffrey Colyer, White House Fellow

Jerzy Hauptmann, Professor, Park College

Robert Evanson, Associate Professor and Associate Dean, UMKC

Howard Solomon, Associate Resident Director, Leningrad Intensive Russian Program, Council for International Educational Exchange

William Fletcher, Professor, University of Kansas

Topic: What Changes in the Soviet Union?


Jan Armstrong, former Executive Director of Friends of the Kansas City Zoo

Topic: Zimbabwe: Uncrowded Africa


Gregory Roberson Smith, President, African Development Foundation

Topic: African Development and the New World Order


Terrence Wray, international marketing consultant

Topic: International Tourism and Expo ’92


Ambassador Andreas Van Agt, Head of Delegation, Commission of European Communities to the U.S.

Topic: Europe’s Future in a Changing World


Vladimir Zvyagin, former U.S. Correspondent and New York Bureau Chief, Soviet National TV and Radio

Topic: Russia and Eastern Europe: What Future Directions?


Lord Ellis Thomas, British House of Lords

Topic: The Future of Britain in the European Community


Craig Volland, President, Spectrum Technologists

John Ward, Ph.D., Chairman of Department of Economics, UMKC

Bryon Higgins, Ph.D., Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Topic: North American Free Trade Agreement


General Gordon R. Sullivan, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army


Dr. Valdimer B. Barkovsky, former Deputy Director, S&T Directorate, KBG

Dr. Yuri I. Modin, former Deputy Director, Research Institute of Intelligence Problems, KBG

Yuri H. Totrov, former Chief of Section Counter Intelligence Directorate, KBG

James Everett, former CIA agent

Prof. William Eckhardt, former legal advisor, U.S. European Command

Prof. Ben Martin, Political Science Department, UMKC

Topic: The CIA and the KGB of the Future – Covert Intelligence in the 21st Century


Tom Bates, consultant for local businesses

Katrina Everhart, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer, International Learning Center

Topic: Black Markets to Free Markets: Moving Centrally Planned Economic Systems to Market Economic Systems


Jeff Martin, CEO, Transaction Group

Marina Tikhonov, international trade consultant

Larry Ferguson, Chief of Water Compliance Branch for EPA Regional Office, Kansas City, KS

Topic: Environmental Crisis in the Former Soviet Bloc: Whose Problem? Who Pays?


Carol Bellamy, Director of the Peace Corps

Topic: Peace Corps: America’s High-Yield Investment


Allan Lever, Canadian Consul General

Topic: Canadian foreign policy


Dr. Eugene Wagner, Economics Department, UMKC,

Dr. Timothy Richards, Department of Foreign Language & Literature, UMKC,

Otavio Silva, Ecology & Environment, Inc.

Topic: Latin America: Progress & Prospects


Hon. Thomas Patrick Melady, Former U.S. Ambassador to Burundi, Uganda, and The Holy See

Joyce Leader, U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission, Rwanda

Topic: Race and Politics in African States


Pauline Brown, Vice President, Industrial Development Board for Northern Ireland

Tim Green, Student, University of Ulster

Topic: Northern Ireland: Journey to Stability


Dr. John Merrill, U.S. Department of State

Dr. Gregory Winn, People to People International

Dr. John Swomley, American Committee on Korea

Topic: North Korea: Minefield for U.S. Decision-Makers


Moufid A. Alossi, President, Butler World Trade

Robert Gamer, Ph.D., Political Science Department, UMKC

Wang Junyi, Professor, Peking University, China

Topic: Reform, Reformers, and the Billion Others on the Ground in China: Attitudes of the People, Hopes for the Future, and Their Hopes for Reform


F. Gregory Gause, Ph.D., Department of Political Science, Columbia University

Topic: Peace in the Middle East?