Lloyd Jonnes, Special Assistant to the Administrator Agency for International Development


H.E. Berndt Von Staden, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the U.S.

Topic: Federal Republic of Germany, 1975 – Partner and Ally


Robert Tetro, Food and Agriculture Department


Adolph Dubs, former Deputy Chief of Mission to the American Embassy in Moscow


John George Bacon, former Executive Director, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency; former Advisor, U.S. SALT Delegations


Tsugio Kusajima, Director of Mid-America Japan Trade Center in Chicago


Bradford Morse, Under-Secretary-General for Political and General Assembly Affairs of the United Nations


Hon. Henry A. Kissinger, U.S. Secretary of State

Topic: Strengthening the World Economic Structure


Joan Yeo Marsh, Berkshire magistrate, a Chairman of the Maidenhead Bench, member of the Visitors for Reading Prison, member of Institute for the Study and Treatment of Delinquency, and a historian


Robert Goralski, former NBC News correspondent

Topic: Crisis Reporting by the Media


John Scott, TIME’s Special Correspondent and Assistant to the Publisher


Tasuku Asano, Professor of Political Science, International College of Commerce & Economics, Tokyo

Topic: Japan – Partnership with the West or Leadership in Asia?


Massao Kunihiro, Foreign Ministry Consultant and Professor of Anthropology, International College of Commerce and Economics, Tokyo

Topic: Does the Twenty-First Century Belong to Japan?


Takashi Konami, Professor of Economics, Tokyo, University of Foreign Studies and Research Scholar, Institute of World Economy

Topic: Will Japan Survive Democracy?


General (Ret.) Andrew J. Goodpaster, Former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe

Topic: Military Aspects of National Strategy


Dr. Brian Inglis, British writer, journalist, and television commentator


David Haworth, British correspondent covering economic, political, and Common Market affairs


Fredrick Charles Ikle, Director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

Topic: Exporting Our Advanced Technology: Perils and Pitfalls


Alfredo Guierrez, Executive Assistant to the President of the Inter-American Development Bank


H.E. M.R. Siddiqi, Ambassador of Bangladesh to the U.S.


Dimce Belovski, former Member of Macedonian Government, Vice President of the Socialist Alliance of Yugoslavia, Member of the Council of Federation and of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia


Elizabeth Farnsworth, member of WORLD Press, Public Television and Latin American expert

Topic: The New Isolationism: Media Neglect of Latin America


Major General (Ret.) Edward B. Giller, Deputy Assistant Administrator for National Security for the Energy Research and Development Administration


Mr. Dick Taverne, Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, former Member of British Parliament


Petar Pletikosa, Editor-In-Chief, Vjesnik, Zagreb, Yugoslavia


Carter Burgess, Chairman of the Foreign Policy Association, former Director of Ford Motor Co.

Topic: The People and Foreign Policy: How Can You Make a Difference?


Jim Nutt, Director General of the Western Hemisphere Bureau of the Canadian Department of External Affairs

Topic: Canada, the U.S., and Mexico


Ambassador Fernand Spaak, head of the Delegation of the Commission of the European Communities to the U.S.

Topic: Can the European Community Survive?


William J. Barnsdale, World Food Programme Adviser, Islamabad, Pakistan


General Alexander M. Haig, Jr., Supreme Allied Commander, Europe

Topic: NATO


Hans Nord, Secretary General, the European Parliament


H.E. Melih Esenbel, Ambassador from Turkey to the U.S.


Christopher Van Hollen, Coordinator for the Executive Seminar in National and International Affairs of the State Department

Topic: The Panama Canal treaties



Elliot Richardson, Ambassador at Large & Special Representative of the President to the Law of the Sea Conference


Harold Brown, U.S. Secretary of Defense

Topic: Defense aspects of the Panama Canal treaties


Wilmer J. Collett, Consul General of Canada

Topic: Canada and the U.S.: New Tasks for Good Neighbors?


Senator Thomas Eagleton, U.S. Senator from Missouri

Topic: The Panama Canal


Lt. Colonel Paul Grenier, Middle East Specialist, Strategy Committee, U.S. Army Command & General Staff College

Topic: The Changing Middle East: What U.S. Interests Are at Stake?


Robert Goralski, Director of Public Relations in the Washington Office of Gulf Oil Corporation

Topic: Dilemmas of World Energy: What Options for a Fuel-Guzzling Superpower?


Roger Morris, author of Uncertain Greatness: Henry Kissenger and American Foreign Policy

Topic: Human Rights Abroad: Reality or Illusion for U.S. Foreign Policy?


H.E. Fumihiko Togo, Ambassador from Japan to the U.S.

Topic: Japan and America: How Strong Is Our Pacific Anchor?


Carter Burgess, Chairman of the Foreign Policy Association

Topic: The People and Foreign Policy: How Can You Make a Difference?


Albert Coppe, President of the Société Générale de Banque (Belgium’s largest bank), Economics professor, University of Louvain, represented Belgium on the Commision of the European Communities


Mr. Frank G. Wisner, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Department of State

Topic: The Middle East Negotiations: U.S. Interests and Objectives


H.E. Peter Jay, Ambassador of Great Britain to U.S.

Topic: Britain: The New Realism


Hon. Elia Freij, Mayor of Bethlehem


H.E. Ivor Richard, Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom at the United Nations

Topic: Southern Africa and the United Nations


H.E. Ashraf A. Ghorbal, Ambassador of Egypt to the U.S.


Sylva Gelbers, Special Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Labour, Government of Canada; former member of International Labour Organization; Canadian representative to the Untied Nations Commission on the Status of Women


Dr. Harold Brown, Secretary of Defense


Hon. Divaldo Suragy, Member of Parliament, Brazil


Major General Robert Close, Chairman of the Board for National Problems of Defense of Belgium


Dr. Theo Kotze, South African Methodist minister

Topic: The future of apartheid in South Africa


Elmer W. Lower, former President of ABC News and former Vice President of America Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Topic: Television News: The Nightly Informer