Many Mistakes Led to Tragedy in Syria


This article was originally published in the StarTribune on Wednesday, October 16 and can be found on their website.  The tragedy unfolding in Syria has riveted American attention anew to the problems there, problems that reflect contradictions we have avoided, but must grapple with now. One problem is that America's single-minded focus on ISIS since 2014-15 has more or less willfully disregarded the longer-term. This no longer seems sustainable. The post-ISIS future of Syria is at stake as the Sunni Arab majority, Kurds, Alawites and Christians, as well as Turks, Russians and Iranians, are duking it out. We must decide [...]

Many Mistakes Led to Tragedy in Syria2021-06-11T11:07:59-05:00

Tensions in Middle East Slow Some Arms Exports


Conflicts such as the Yemeni Civil War and the conflict in Syria have had massive ramifications for major arms manufacturers around the world, in some countries more than others. Germany particularly has faced widespread criticism from its own citizens over military equipment being sold to the Saudi government or other Middle Eastern powers engaged in controversial conflicts. But Germany, who represents the fifth spot internationally in terms of total arms manufacturing and exportation (, is not the universal model for all countries exporting large amounts of military grade equipment. Their attempt to freeze sales to countries involved in the Yemeni [...]

Tensions in Middle East Slow Some Arms Exports2021-06-14T12:11:25-05:00
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