The EU’s Energy Problem: A Russian Solution?


The tensions in Belarus and Ukraine often challenged the EU-Russian relations. While Human-Rights violations have been publicly criticized by the EU, Russia remains one of Europe's most important economic partners, particularly for the eastern countries. It can be argued that this special relationship between Russia and the EU derives from a context where political and economic interest are very much intertwined with each other. Central to this relationship is the European dependency on foreign energy resources In 2013, over half of the energy, the EU consumed has been imported, whereas gas was with 24% central to this energy mix (Siddi, [...]

The EU’s Energy Problem: A Russian Solution?2021-06-07T11:32:17-05:00

Crisis in Venezuela


Venezuela has been in the news for many months for a number of different issues. Political strife and deep economic issues have plagued the country for some time. This political tension has caused many anti-government protests that have resulted in the death of dozens of people. These issues have also resulted in many starving citizens. Let's take a look at some of the problems and what is causing them. Venezuelan politics are split into two groups: Chavistas are those who support the socialist ideals of the late president Hugo Chavez, and the other group opposes their ideals. The current president, [...]

Crisis in Venezuela2021-06-30T16:27:50-05:00
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