Kansas City Transplant


Being from Upstate New York, I have been lucky to move to Kansas City at a very exciting and dynamic time. Prior to my arrival here, I have lived in Galway, Ireland for about six months, and Athens, Greece for three months. These two experiences gave me the tools to make such a large jump in my geographic home. My greatest takeaway from living in these two locations was that to make it feel like home, I have to explore events in the city. Whether it be festivals, local sports, or concerts, I have not been bored for one second [...]

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Welcoming Week


One of the reasons I am so proud to work for the YMCA of Greater Kansas City and be a part of the Y movement across the world is because of our commitment to be welcoming to all. Welcoming to new associates. Welcoming to members. Welcoming to those in need. Welcoming to those new to our community. Welcoming no matter a person's background, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status. The Y is a WELCOMING organization. The Y is so committed to being welcoming to those new to our community and nation that we have a New American Welcome [...]

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Kansas City and the UNESCO Creative City Network: Music and Culture for Sustainable Urban Development


In November 2017, the City of Kansas City, Missouri joined the Creative Cities Network of the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as the first and only City of Music in the United States. Kansas City joins eight other U.S. Creative Cities, including Austin, Detroit, Iowa City, Paducah, San Antonio, Santa Fe, Seattle, and Tucson. Members of the UNESCO Creative City Network (UCCN) include 180 cities around the world in 72 different countries. The mission of the Creative City Network is to leverage culture and creativity for sustainable communities. The Creative Cities Network is a global coalition of [...]

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Reflections of Outgoing Board President Lyn Lakin


Blog. For those of us that are not comfortable or natural writers, "blog" is truly a four-letter word. But when asked to reflect on my experiences as an outgoing IRC board member, I did feel that I could overcome my insecurity. Because, you see, the International Relations Council of Kansas City is a very critical part of my constantly evolving life. I had been occasionally attending IRC events and presentations since 1988. By 2007, I increased my attendance and participation, leading to board service beginning six years ago. Six challenging and extraordinarily rewarding years. So much can happen in six [...]

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Runner’s High


I wake up early in the morning before the sun has risen or the shops below open. I lace my shoes and leave the door of my apartment behind me, descending down the stairs and through the main entrance of my building. I turn up my street and make my way to the top of the hill. I find my breath with each step as I make my way onto the Plaza. The crest of the hill as Wornall makes its way onto the designed shopping hub offers one of the best views in Kansas City. The miniature tower stands [...]

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