A Step Into a New Horizon


As an international student barely spending less than eight months in the United States, I was beyond nervous to face a bigger and unfamiliar crowd, Midwest Model UN conference, which was far different from my small college. MMUN is an academic event/forum held annually that provides an insight on how the UN operates as well as promotes a deeper understanding of issues in connection to humanitarian, cultural, social, economic, legal and political problems that exist all over the world. By attending this program, delegates learn and develop leadership, research, public speaking, debating and so many other skills relating to diplomacy. [...]

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No Iranaphobia For Me


We tend to fear what we know little about, especially if we choose to have limited sources for gaining knowledge about the world. Recently, having returned from a two week trip to Iran sponsored by Global Exchange, I was delighted and privileged to learn more about this rich and ancient history and to witness first-hand the warmth and engagement of the people. Since having made the decision to go last February, I must say that I did have some trepidation as the verbal exchange between the U.S. and Iran seemed to be heating up in intensity over the summer months. [...]

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A Kansas Citian’s Visit to Iran


This blog was written in early October 2019, before the events of recent days. "Where are you from?" This was the quizzical look on the Iranian people's faces and what they really meant was, "if you are from the U.S., how did you get a visa to come to Iran?". We said yes, we are from the U.S. "We love Americans" was the constant rejoiner. To that, we said, "We apologize for what our administration has done to your people." On September 26th, a group of four of our Global Exchange Tour arrived in Tehran for a 14-day tour of [...]

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Commentary: Debunked! Most Americans Do Support the U.S. Engaging in World Affairs, Not Retreating


Op-Ed by Ivo Daalder, former U.S. Ambassador to NATO. Originally published in the Chicago Tribune. Also carried in the Charlotte Observer (Sept. 18) and nationally. A powerful belief about American views of the world has taken hold among foreign policy experts, that Americans are exhausted from global overreach and want to shed the burdens of global leadership. Arguing that American voters' "foreign policy views stink," New York Times columnist David Brooks opined that, after "Iraq and other debacles, many Americans are exhausted by the global leadership role" and "actively hostile" to key elements of U.S. foreign policy from past decades. [...]

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International Collaboration


With so many things causing division in the world today, where can we look to find unity, cooperation, and progress? For starters, we can look to the science field. On April 10, 2019, astronomers and astrophysicists released the first picture of a black hole. This is an amazing feat that could not have been done by one country on its own. The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) consists of eight telescopes across the globe that were each used to capture pictures of a black hole 55 million light-years away within the Messier 87 galaxy in order to create one cohesive image. [...]

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Top Five Reasons Great Decisions Really Is Great


If you subscribe to the IRC's newsletter, follow the organization on social media, or attend IRC events, you may have heard a lot of buzz the past couple of months on Great Decisions, "America's largest discussion program on foreign affairs." You may have read about it in passing, thought to yourself "Hmm!," and then moved on with your day. Perhaps you thought you are busy enough, so how could you engage in one more program? Or maybe you thought that joining or starting a group would be too difficult. To help you learn more about Great Decisions and take the [...]

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History of the United Nations – Absent Countries


As we approach the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles next year, it is worth taking a look at the paradigm it established and the international order a century on. International organizations, from NATO to the European Union, and from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, play an increasingly significant role in the development and maintenance of international relations as our movement, environment, economy, and culture are ever more globalized. One of the more important aspects of the Treaty of Versailles was the Covenant of the League of Nations, which created [...]

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Kashmir: A Land Divided and Torn


Since its creation in 1947, Kashmir has been a land divided and torn. The mountainous region east of Pakistan and north of the Indian states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab is home to a diverse group of people. Kashmiris include Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs, and the land is claimed by Pakistan, India, and China. Over the years, tens of thousands of lives have been lost in wars, skirmishes, and bloody protests. The most recent quarrel occurred January 27, 2018, when Indian soldiers killed two Kashmiri separatists and injured nine others in the Indian occupied Srinagar, Kashmir. The military had [...]

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