Something for Everyone: Learning about the World Abroad


Looking back to the beginning of my academic journey, as a burgeoning, bright-eyed undergraduate, I never would have predicted I would one day receive a master’s degree in Global and International Studies. As much as the topics of the international field currently stimulate my mind and nourish my sense of wonder and discovery, I was not born with a natural curiosity for international affairs. The path between then and now was indeed a very convoluted one, with twists, turns, surprises, drastic redirections, and cosmic intervention. I stumbled quite unexpectedly into the international field – an experience that many of you [...]

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Populism in Europe


The world is characterized by a deep political-economic crisis, and it seems endless. This crisis has compromised the social and civil development that was believed to be unstoppable. This event has involved the entire European continent, where it has registered a twist on voters preferences. In fact, voters are found to be more and more intolerant of politics and discouraged by the persistent downturn. New parties, defined as populist, are emerging and flourishing all over the European continent, and they are challenging the traditional political route and undermining the political stability within each state. It is not an easy task [...]

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It’s a Small World After All…


For six weeks over the summer of 2017 I was given the opportunity to study the French language in Paris, France. The first two weeks were spent on a tour of Northern France, from Strasbourg to Ěätretat, and through the chateaus of the Loire Valley before landing in Paris for the last four weeks. The tour featured some of the highlights of French tourism, including memorials and battle sites from World War I and II, as well as medieval relics like Mont Saint Michel. Our time in Paris also provided many opportunities for sight-seeing. Though the hot and crowded day [...]

It’s a Small World After All…2021-06-30T15:59:15-05:00
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