Travel Resources

When most people think of international travel, their heads fill with images of short, week long getaways to far-away cities and sun-kissed beaches, but for the purpose of this guide, this section will focus on resources for meaningful travel, travel that also serves as an opportunity to pursue something of deep interest and investment. While meaningful travel looks different for each person, it always requires cultural immersion, something short vacations generally fail to foster. This meaningful travel can be divided into four categories: opportunities for teaching English abroad, international study abroad Opportunities for High School students, service opportunities, and internship and short-term work opportunities. While these are in no way the only types of meaningful travel, they represent a good portion of available international travel opportunities.

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Teaching English Abroad

Learn more about Teaching English Abroad in South Asia and the Middle East with Katy McAlary, Associate English and Anthropology Instructor for New York University Abu Dhabi’s Academic Enrichment Program in the UAE.

Learn more about Teaching English Abroad in Japan with Kate Bartel of the JET Programme

Learn more about Teaching English Abroad in China with Rebecca Kastendick, Adjunct Professor at Johnson County Community College in the English Department and certified TESL instructor. 

Learn more about Teaching English Abroad in Spain with Lauren Ryan, English conversation auxiliary at Ministerio de Educación, Spain.

Service Opportunities

Learn more about Peace Corps with Jessica Vandivort de Montiel, Peace Corps recruiter. 

Join us for our International Career Series and Your Global Future programs to learn more about the different local colleges and universities.

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