Career Exploration Resources

This section of the guide provides three types of nationally and internationally oriented career exploration resources you may find useful in your decision-making process about your interests, your goals, and future. The three types of resources are: video resources, career quizzes, and occupational guides. Both the career quizzes and the occupational guide are external resources that we consider may serve as a powerful tool for discovering who you want to be as a professional. The featured video resources are unique to the IRC and will help you identify local resources, opportunities, and experiences that may be useful in your career exploration path. These video resources, which highlight our International Career Series and Your Global Future programs, provide engaging video-recorded conversations with professionals whose careers have taken them to explore the world that want to share their experiences, answer your questions, and help you in planning for your next steps. To find more recorded programs, visit our YouTube page.

Featured Video Resources

Join Rhiannon Jhonson, Career Resources Specialist at the Kansas City Public Library, in defining an international career, how to prepare for one, and what resources and opportunities are locally available for you!

Join Wendy Shoemaker, Senior Associate Director of the University of Career Center at University of Kansas, in exploring  how to approach job searching in the age of COVID-19.

Occupational Guides

Developed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a part of the U.S. Department of Labor, the Occupational Outlook Handbook lists careers by sector and provides a brief job summary for each occupation as well as the required entry-level education and the median pay.

CareerOneStop’s “Occupational Profiles” section provides an expansive list of over 900 occupations, each with specific job descriptions, employment projections, wage averages, education and experience requirements, daily activity explanations, and skill requirements. CareerOneStop also has other resources, such as their “Compare Occupations” tool, that can take career exploration even further.

Graduate Prospects is a British organization focusing on graduate career opportunities. The job profiles section of their website showcases more than 400 careers, each with a general explanation and detailed sections on job responsibilities, salary, working hours, qualifications, key skills, necessary work experience, possible employers in the UK, professional development, career outlook, and related jobs and courses. Graduate Prospects also has resources on specific majors, interview tips, application processes, and more.

Unlike the other occupation guides listed in this section, the Intercultural Communication Institute’s “Intercultural Career Planning” specifically focuses on intercultural and international careers. This guide not only provides sample career paths, but also gives tips for navigating through the role of personal experience in the intercultural job market.

Join us for our International Career Series and Your Global Future programs to learn more about the different local colleges and universities.

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