The International Relations Council is proud to present the Global Opportunities Guide for high-school and college students. This guide focuses on international opportunities that many students are not aware of, such as global education, career, and travel possibilities. By presenting specific information and resources, this guide aims to help you explore your global potential to help you think past graduation and into your educational and professional futures. This guide will provide you resources to pave your own path to international success.

It is important to keep in mind that the Global Opportunities Guide should serve as a starting point for your exploration of global opportunities. This is not an all-encompassing list of possibilities; instead, it provides you and other students with enough information and resource to begin learning about the world of international opportunities. As an apolitical, nonpartisan organization, the International Relations Council does not endorse any of the organizations, associations, universities, bodies or websites cited in this guide.

We wish you every success along your journey and invite you to get involved with the International Relations Council.

The resources in this guide are intended to help students discover where their true international interests and goals lie, but it is important to note that as people age and change, often their interests do as well. Very few people have their life completely figured out in high school, and that’s okay! Finding a personally rewarding educational and professional path is a long process – so be patient, take advantage of opportunities for growth, and be true to your interests and skill sets.

The IRC wishes you the best of luck on your global quest!