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The last few weeks haven’t been easy. Like you, we’ve had to take stock and adjust. But we’ve been inspired by countless individuals and communities around the world responding with generous hearts to our shared challenge. Though some moments look bleak, the sun has come out, spring is here, and we’ll find our way through this together.

In this time of social distancing, human connection is as important as ever. A sense of belonging is integral to our emotional, physical, and mental health, and it is vital to the fabric of our society. For 65 years, the IRC has centered around meaningful connections – how can we do international relations if we can’t do interpersonal relations, after all? – and we’re here for you and our Kansas City community.

We need your help to do even more to keep our Kansas City community connected at this critical time. If you are in a place to give, please give what you can to help us continue the conversation and keep our community connected to informed perspectives, our neighbors and leaders, and the world at large.

What is the IRC actively doing to keep our community connected?

The IRC helps you stay connected to informed perspectives – and share yours.

Reliable information and expert insight help us navigate fast-moving days and keep the big picture in mind. In the coming days, you’ll see digital speaker programs lined up for April and beyond. Join us for our weekly News & Views discussions on current events, plug into the Great Decisions series, and get ready for the April Book Club on pandemics. Our programs give you a chance to hear from subject-matter experts and bring your own experiences to the conversation, too.

The IRC helps you stay connected to others – and lets others stay connected to you.

Being responsible social-distancers doesn’t mean isolating ourselves from meaningful human connection. Join us every weekday for a Digital Coffee Hour, and let us know if you’d like to lead one of the conversations. Check out our social distancing resourcessubmit a blog post, or join one of our IRC planning teams. Your participation makes a difference for others who are feeling disconnected.

The IRC helps you stay connected to the world abroad – and the world right here in Kansas City.

This global pandemic only underscores how interconnected our world is today and the value of understanding countries, cultures, and current events. Check out the IRC’s past speakers to get a sense of our international connections, and use the online international directory to get to know how international our Kansas City community is. Though we can’t be together in person right now, our shared time and experiences strengthen our empathy and common purpose.

Your support can make our efforts go even further and keep Kansas City connected. Donate here.

You’re welcome to give in a variety of ways!

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With your help, we’ll keep making a difference. Thank you for your support of the International Relations Council and the meaningful connection we all need.

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By promoting conversation and debate in Kansas City about the key global issues of the day, the IRC helps its members understand the significance of international developments, as well as their own impact on the world. Dr. Michael Makara - IRC board member - click here to donate