Blog. For those of us that are not comfortable or natural writers, “blog” is truly a four-letter word. But when asked to reflect on my experiences as an outgoing IRC board member, I did feel that I could overcome my insecurity. Because, you see, the International Relations Council of Kansas City is a very critical part of my constantly evolving life.

I had been occasionally attending IRC events and presentations since 1988. By 2007, I increased my attendance and participation, leading to board service beginning six years ago. Six challenging and extraordinarily rewarding years. So much can happen in six years. A baby can be born, grow, and enter first grade. A U.S. Senator will have completed a term. And, in the way of healthy organizations, new board members with fresh perspectives, views and enthusiasm will find a place to contribute.

So, my time as a proud member of the board and second term as president is coming to an end. It has been an amazing time of growth thanks to our talented and committed staff and fellow board members. Programming has diversified. New opportunities for student learning and engagement have been launched with Your Global Future and access to visiting foreign policy experts. Challenging and compelling topics presented by non-partisan subject experts have become the new norm for the diverse Greater Kansas City community. It is not coincidental that program attendance and participation is at an all-time high. Adding this to the near doubling of paid memberships, it is no surprise that the World Affairs Councils of America has recognized the IRC as an affiliate on the way up.

However, for me, the greatest IRC gift has been the spectrum of friendships and relationships. We are truly a diverse community, and the IRC has given me the access to this joyful diversity. This I will carry forward as a member and participant. Join me.

About the Author
Lyn Lakin is a semi-retired nonprofit professional. She is the principal of Lyn Lakin Consulting, a results focused consultancy that focuses on the sustainable growth of nonprofits through the integration of best practices and innovation.