Individual Supporting Members
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The International Relations Council, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, relies on the generosity of members and friends who sustain our efforts to foster a global perspective in the Kansas City community. We gratefully recognize the following individuals whose contributions to the IRC in the last twelve months have totaled at least $150. For more information about supporting the IRC, please contact Matthew Hughes, executive director. Thank you for your help in making this important work possible!

Emissary ($1,000+)
Jeffrey Bell
Bert Berkley
E. Andrew Berkley
William G. Eckhardt
Janet Kannard
Bill & Lyn Lakin
Nancy Messer
Holly Nielsen
Ardyce H. Pearson
Lawrence Rouse
Dave Saunders
Paul Savastano
Gino Serra
Cyprienne Simchowitz & Jerry White
Sosland Foundation
Joy Stevenson
Sidne Ward
Karenbeth Zacharias

Benefactor ($500 to $999)
Janet Baird
Sally Firestone
Nicole Gresham Perry
Michael Hernandez
Bill & Irma Lou Hirsch
Gregory & Susanne Hoffmann
Bill Kort
Benny Lee
Jon McGraw
Stephen Steigman
Samantha Vidal
Susan Vogel
Mike & Maggie Wood

Statesman ($300 to $499)
Bill & Maureen Berkley
Stacy Conkling
Kevin Holland
Christine Hughes
Ross & Elizabeth Lillard
Shelly Ma
Michael Makara
Aaron J. Mann
Kelli Meilink
Kevin Pistilli
Chris Steineger & Shari Wilson
Tom Waggoner
Paul Weida

Patron ($150 to $299)
Kathie Allison
Andrea Allison-Putman
Christina Arnone
David B. Au
Richard Bouhan
Don Dickey
Sara Engber
Tom & Beth Hall
Emily Hill
Amb. Allan Katz
Dr. Gary Morsch
Barbara Nelson
Drs. Manuel & Lillian Pardo
Richard Randolph
Carrie Sherer
Steven Swartzman
Linda S. Trout
Amarilis Valdez-Dempsey
Jane VanSant
Heinz Wehner
Michael Wizniak
Larry Yates

This list accounts for contributions made within the twelve months preceding June 1, 2020.