IRC Speakers: 1970-74
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Donald J. Pryor, Office of Information, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Topic: Outlook for International Development

Josiah W. Bennett, Diplomat in residence at Kansas State University, career in the Department of State’s Foreign Service

Stephen P. Freidberg, member of the Official Spokesman Group Commission of the European Communities

Dr. Joseph Hajda, Director of International Activities, Kansas State University

Phillip Stoddard, Chief of the Near East Division of the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research

John O. Koehler, Associated Press General Executive in the Personnel and News Features departments

Lord Caradon, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the U.N.
Topic: The Middle East and the United Nations

F. Stephen Miles, British Consul-General in St. Louis

Charles A. Mann, Director of U.S. Mission to Laos, Agency for International Development

Koun Wick, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cambodia
Topic: The Current Crisis in Cambodia

Townsend Hoopes, former Under-Secretary of the Air Force
Topic: The Cold War Legacy in Indochina


Pauline Frederick, Herbert Kaplow, David Burrington, Alvin Rosenfeld, Ray Scherer, Lou Davis – NBC News Team

Thomas P. Thornton, member of the State Department’s Planning and Coordination Staff for Near East and South Asia

Lakshmi Kant Jha, Ambassador of India to the U.S.
Topic: Developments in South Asia

M.N. Dlamini, Permanent Representative, Mission of the Kingdom of Swaziland to the United Nations


Donald Luce, journalist working for the Council of Churches, specializing in Vietnam

Walter Bor, partner in an architecture firm in London, expert in urban planning

Dr. Leonard Jacobs, MD, London
Topic: The Role of the Family Physician in the British National Health System

John D. I. Boyd, First Secretary of the British Embassy
Topic: China – The Cultural Revolution and After

William D. Clark, Director of Information and Public Affairs, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Washington, DC


Lester R. Brown, Senior Fellow with the Overseas Development Council

Marshall Green, Assistant Secretary of State for Near East and Pacific Affairs, accompanied President Nixon on his historic trip to Peking

Carol Edler Baumann, author of books on European politics, Professor of Political Science, University of Wisconsin

Mr. Borre Skaslien, Norwegian Chief Architect, Ministry of Environment; principal responsibilities: national, urban and regional planning

Dr. David Nicol, of Sierra Leone, an Undersecretary General of the United Nations
Topic: Failure of the United Nations: How True and How Great


Major General Robert N. Ginsburgh, Director of Information, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force
Topic: The Air Force's Role in National Defense

Robert C. Christopher, Editor of the International Edition of Newsweek
Topic: The Wild Card: World Politics in the Wake of the Oil Crisis

John Blane, Deputy Director, Policy Planning Staff, Bureau of African Affairs, Department of State
Topic: Current African Issues

The Honorable Charles O. Sethness, U.S. Executive Director of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Topic: International economic policies

H. Dennis Madden, Controller of the Inter-American Development Bank

Tony Edison, Deputy Director, School for Advanced Urban Studies, University of Bristol

H.E. Triloki Nath Kaul, Ambassador of India to the U.S.
Topic: New Trends in India–United States Relations