IRC Speakers: 1955-59
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Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Chairman, Board of Governors, Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, World Federation of United Nations Association, former delegate to the U.N. General Assembly
Topic: The value of the United Nations

Mr. Clark M. Eichelberger, Executive Director of American Association for the United Nations, Member of 5-man committee which prepared the first American working draft of the United Nations charter

Dr. Krishnalal Shridharani, noted Indian author
Topic: Parallel of values between India and the U.S.

Colin Jackson, BBC Commentator
Topic: The racial problems of South Africa

Mr. Werner Baecker, Hamburg, Germany, radio commentator
Topic: West German relations with Russia and the U.S.

Mr. Oskar-Hubert Denhardt, official of the German Christian Democrat Party
Topic: Russia's relations with West Germany

Chrysostomus J. Zodel, Managing Editor of the German Stuttgarter Nachrichten
Topic: German-Soviet relations and West German freedom of the press

Qutubbin Aziz, Head of United Press of Pakistan

William Morgan Fletcher-Vane, Member of Parliament for Westmorland and a specialist in agricultural and foreign affairs
Topic: English domestic food production

Jon Kimche, journalist and Middle East expert
Topic: Is There a Basis for an Arab-Israel Settlement?

Col. Edward C. Dunn, former member of the Joint American Military Mission for Aid to Turkey
Topic: Security Problems in the Middle East


James Frederick Green, Deputy Director, Office of International Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations
Topic: Russia and the United Nations following the death of Stalin

Marshall M. Smith, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Affairs
Topic: Food Trade and Aid

General William Hoge, former commander-in-chief of the army ground forces in the European theater
Topic: Russia, West Germany, and the United States

Sir Roger Makins, British Ambassador to the U.S.
Topic: British and American policy in the Middle East

Mr. Joseph E. Johnson, President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Topic: War and peace in the years ahead

H.E. Henrik Kauffmann, Ambassador of Denmark to the U.S.
Topic: Denmark post-World War II

H.E. George V. Melas, Ambassador of Greece to the U.S.
Topic: Great Britain, Cyprus, and Greece

Edwin M. J. Kretzmann, Public Affairs Advisor to the Burea of Near Eastern, South Asian, and African Affairs of the Department of State
Topic: United States Policy in the Middle East

Colin Jackson, BBC Commentator
Topic: Report on the Middle East Crisis


H.E. Dr. J.H. Van Roijen, Ambassador of the Netherlands to the U.S.
Topic: A Hollander Looks at the World Situation

Sidney H. Fine, Director of the Office of Public Information for the U.S. Information Agency
Topic: The U.S. Overseas Information Program

Anthony F. Merrill, Information Liaison Officer, Department of State
Topic: Major Problems of U.S. Foreign Policy

Dillon Anderson, former Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

Dr. Hans Hermans, Director of the Netherlands Information Service in Curaçao
Topic: The New Face of the Netherlands Realm

Mr. G.W. Baker, Assistant to the Colonial Attaché, British Embassy, Washington, DC
Topic: The Future of Tanganyika

Hon. C. Burke Elbrick, Assistant Secretary for European Affairs
Topic: Problems and Progress in the Atlantic Community


Dr. Arthur S. Fleming, President, Ohio Wesleyan University; Director, Office of Defense Mobilization, 1953-57
Topic: Is War Inevitable?

Mr. Ernest Lindley, Washington Bureau Director, Newsweek Magazine
Topic: The Struggle for the Middle East

Jean Beliard, French Consul General in Chicago

C. Tyler Wood, Assistant to the Director for Evaluation of the International Co-Operation, Washington, DC
Topic: Communism

Jon Kimche, journalist, author and Middle East expert
Topic: Is There a Basis for an Arab-Israel Settlement?

Colin Jackson, BBC Commentator
Topic: Russia, Poland, Hungary


McGeorge Bundy, Harvard University, Dean of Arts & Sciences

Charter Heslep, Chief of the Professional Review and Analysis Branch Division of International Affairs of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
Topic: The Peaceful Atom – Propaganda or Program

Princess Catherine Caradja of Romania
Topic: Life Behind the Iron Curtain

Mr. Claude de Kemoularia, Personal Assistant to Mr. Dag Hammarskjold, Secretary-General of the United Nations
Topic: World Refugee Year Update

Mr. Jozef Lodewyck, Consul General of Belgium
Topic: The Art of Diplomacy

Mr. Ramapillia Namasivayam Sivapirakasam, editor of Hindu Organ and Inthusathanam, weekly papers, Jaffna, Ceylon

Adolph Schalk, Editor, The Bridge, Hamburg, Germany
Topic: An American Looks at the New Germany

Alhaji Umaru, Speaker of the House of Assembly for northern Nigeria
Topic: The Aspirations of the Peoples of Africa

C. Vaughan Ferguson, Washington Director of the Office of Middle and Southern African Affairs
Topic: The United States and Africa

Sir Andrew Benjamin Cohen, Permanent United Kingdom representative on the Trusteeship Council of the United Nations, Former Governor and Commander-In-Chief of Uganda
Topic: Africa and the Western World

Miss Lillian Picken, Former Missionary in India
Topic: The New India, Progress through Democracy