Eliot S. Berkley Award
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Application information for the 2020 Berkley Award
will be unveiled at the 2020 Your Global Future virtual college and career fair, October 13-15. Check back for details!

Each year, in memory of our founder and longtime executive director, Eliot S. Berkley, the International Relations Council presents this award to an exceptional high-school junior or senior who has demonstrated superior academic interest and competence in international studies. The award includes a $500 scholarship.

The 2019 recipient of the Berkley Award was Lyle Griggs, a junior at Bishop Seabury Academy in Lawrence, Kansas, and an annual participant in the IRC's Academic WorldQuest competition for high-schoolers. In his essay identifying what he believes to be the single most important international problem of our time, Lyle wrote, “Throughout history, humanity has often been faced with internal and external threats; war, famine, disease, and drought have destabilized or destroyed many individual nations. But in the 20th century, two existential threats to humanity emerged: nuclear proliferation and climate change. The first dominated global imaginations during the Cold War era, when the legitimate possibility and universal fear of a sudden nuclear apocalypse were always fresh in the public consciousness. The second […], lacking shock value and instantaneity, has never provoked the same terror. Climate change, however, is the sole inevitable existential threat to humanity, and thus should be identified as the most important international problem of our time.”

Who Can Apply?

Currently enrolled juniors or seniors at Kansas City–area high schools

How to Apply

 Complete applications include three parts: an informational form, an essay of 1,000 to 1,200 words, and one letter of recommendation. Only complete applications will be considered.

  1. Submit this informational form.
  2. Write an essay of between 1,000 and 1,200 words, with sources appropriately cited, on the following topic: What would you identify as the single most important international problem of our time and why? How would you approach solving the problem, and in what ways do you see today’s young people as catalysts for change? Send your essay to mhughes@irckc.org with the subject, “Berkley Award.”
  3. Submit one letter of recommendation from an individual not related to you to demonstrate your superior academic interest and competence in international studies. The letter should be emailed as a PDF to mhughes@irckc.org with the subject, “Berkley Award Recommendation: [Applicant’s Name].”

To help us save paper, we ask that no hard copies of materials be submitted.

Deadline and Notification

 Deadlines and additional information will be posted in mid-2020. The recipient will be invited to attend the IRC’s Global Honors Evening in November 2020.  

Any Questions

Feel free to contact Matthew Hughes with any questions at mhughes@irckc.org or 816-423-2632.

Past Berkley Award Winners

2019: Lyle Griggs, Bishop Seabury Academy (Lawrence)

2018: John Lubianetsky, The Barstow School

2017: Hilary Griggs, Bishop Seabury Academy (Lawrence)

2016: Marcus Leong, Olathe Northwest High School
Runner-up: Nathalie Kiersznowski, Pembroke Hill High School

2015: Stefan Petrovic, Lawrence High School
Runner-up: Zachary Klamann, Rockhurst High School

2014: Therin Showalter, Kearney High School
Runner-up: Kathleen Harding, Olathe Northwest High School

2013: Claire Thomas, Shawnee Mission South High School
Runner-up: Whitney Horn, Olathe North High School

2012: Felix Albl, Lansing High School
Runner-up: Ashley Hung, Shawnee Mission South High School

2010: Sam Reichman, Shawnee Mission South High School
Runner-up: Marquitta Hall, Lincoln College Preparatory Academy

2009: Shawn Gunn, Blue Springs High School
Runner-up: Chelsey Clark, Plate County R-3 High School

2008: Edward "Ted" Hart, Rockhurst High School
Runner-up: Libby Maese, Shawnee Mission Center for International Studies

2007: Mark Thomas: Shawnee Mission Center for International Studies

2006: Anthony Badami, Rockhurst High School
Runner-up: Steffi Krull, Blue Valley High School

2005: Rachel Voss, Shawnee Mission Center for International Studies
Runner-up: Kathleen Rice, Lee's Summit West High School

2004: Courtney Robbins, Lee's Summit North High School
Runner-up: Andrew Green, Oak Park High School

2003: Jason Humphrey, Shawnee Mission North High School
Runner-up: Valerie Tarbutton, Olathe East High School

2002: Lilia Toson, Winnetonka High School

2001: Matt Knuth, Park Hill South High School

2000: Anna Hold, Shawnee Mission West High School