Membership of the International Relations Council comes with different benefits that correspond to each membership level. Want to learn about what benefits come with your membership, and how to access them? You’re in the right place!

For Our Consul Members:

BenefitHow to Utilize
Recognition as an IRC Academy member at all in-person eventsWhen you show up to an IRC event, an “IRC Academy Member” nametag will be waiting for you!
Invitations to IRC Academy events with distinguished guests. Recent examples include an “Art & Diplomacy” panel at the Nelson-Atkins Museum.Invitations to IRC Academy events will be sent via email, typically from our Membership Coordinator. Stay tuned to your email for special invitations!
Preferred seating at all in-person IRC programs (excluding programs with a meal)A section of the seats at in-person programs will be reserved for IRC Academy members. One of those seats is for you!
Early-bird registration for your employer at the following signature events: Tables at the Berkley Lecture and WorldQuest, or a booth at Your Global Future.When “early bird registration” is made available to organizational IRC members, you will receive an email with the offer of early bird registration for your employer!
Complimentary tickets to IRC lecture programs (excluding lunch/dinner programs) for one guestYou will receive a promo code via email which you can enter onto our website. It will give you “50% of the price of two tickets”, meaning that instead of one $10 ticket, you could buy 2 tickets for a total of $10

For Our Emissary Members:

BenefitHow to Utilize
Preferred seating at all IRC signature eventsWhen the organization makes the seating chart for these events, priority seating will be given to our Emissary and Executive Council members!
Early-bird invitations to all IRC lunch/dinner programsEmail invitations to these programs will come via email, before the official announcement that registration is open!
“IRC Concierge Service” – a monthly check in from our Membership CoordinatorMembers at this level and above will be given the option to either schedule a monthly phone call from our Membership Coordinator to inform you about upcoming programs and do the registration for you, or to send you an email informing you of all the programs.

For The President’s Circle:

BenefitHow to Utilize
Annual meeting with the Executive Director to discuss organizational developmentThe Executive Director will reach out to all Executive Council members in order to schedule this meeting.
Complimentary tickets to IRC lecture programs (excluding programs that involve lunch/dinner) for up to three guestsYou will be given a promo code that you can use to register for these complimentary tickets online, but will also be given the option to register through our IRC concierge service
Personal invitations to all limited-capacity IRC events. 2022 example:A coffee meet & greet with Juan Manuel Santos (former President of Colombia & 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient)When opportunities like this arise, you will receive a personal invitation, and your spot at the event will be automatically reserved.

The IRC Academy was originally founded in 1961 by our founder, Eliot Berkley. Click the following link to learn more about Eliot, his legacy, and our history as an organization.