Today’s world necessitates the inclusion of international topics in everyday educational and professional life. With the continual increase in globalization, the need for understanding international issues and connections is more important now than ever before. I, myself, only recently realized how global Kansas City is; it took me coming home from New York for the summer to fully see the range of international possibilities here and to appreciate the global connections between local universities, businesses, organizations, and people. The common misconception that Kansas City lies outside of major international networks is not only detrimental to the development of increased and improved global opportunities in the area, but it also hinders students’ abilities to see global interest and potential within themselves, so it is imperative that we as a Kansas City community work to promote the exposure of students to such opportunities right in our community.

As a step toward helping high school students realize their own global potential, the IRC is hosting a college and career fair Tuesday, October 16, in Union Station’s Grand Plaza. Appropriately titled “Your Global Future” the event will bring together representatives from colleges and universities, ethnic and cultural groups, government agencies, NGOs, performing and visual arts groups, museums, study abroad programs, and various international business sectors to showcase the vast array of globally tied opportunities available to students in both their near and distant futures. The diversity in this lineup of booths will not only allow Kansas City students to see both the number and range of international opportunities in the area, but it will also help guide high school youth, of all backgrounds and interests, toward discovering their value as students, future professionals, and members of a comprehensive global community, which is necessary for the further expansion of Kansas City as an international connected locality.


About the Author
Ellie Bartlett is the global education intern at the IRC for summer 2018. She is a rising junior at New York University. She is double majoring in global public health and sociology and minoring in peace and conflict studies.