The International Relations Council’s nominating committee will open nominations for board members once again in August.

Do you know someone interested in foreign affairs, global issues, international relations, and their connection to the local community?

Do you know someone who has spent time overseas or whose work in the business sector, higher education, nonprofit organizations, community programs, or other initiatives engages people across countries and cultures?

Do you know someone who knows the incredible people and places and organizations of Kansas City? Someone who wants to contribute to meaningful conversations about international topics and their local relevance?

Do you know someone who cares deeply about informed civil discourse and skills like active listening, critical thinking, empathy, and media literacy?

Do you know someone who values cultural enrichment through language, food, or other global experiences?

Do you know someone who excels at bringing together multinational and multicultural teams and believes in the value of understanding others’ global realities?

Are you, perhaps, that person? We’d love to hear from you!

Call for Nominations

The International Relations Council (IRC) is currently accepting nominations for its 2023 board of directors. Board members serve a three-year term, starting January 1, and are eligible for re-election to a second three-year term. Nominations must be received by Friday, September 29, 2023.

All submitted nominations are reviewed by the nominating committee, and successful candidates are contacted by the committee to be considered for approval by the full board. The selection of the best candidates is driven by the desire to ensure that the board is composed of diverse, engaged members who bring a range of essential skills and experiences and reflect the organization’s international focus.

Click here to learn about our current board of directors. We are looking for board members who represent our greater community and share our passion for discussing perspectives, exploring international topics, and opening the world to Kansas City. This year, in particular, we welcome nominations of individuals with skills and experience in the arts community, financial oversight, fundraising, insurance, investments, human resources, K-12 education, and technology, though all qualified nominations are most welcome.

Please Note: The International Relations Council is a nonprofit organization located in Kansas City, Missouri, that works primarily with the greater Kansas City area. While we welcome participation in our virtual programs from around the world, board nominees should generally have a clear connection to the greater Kansas City area. For world affairs organizations in other parts of the U.S., please check out the World Affairs Councils of America roster of Councils.

About the International Relations Council

The International Relations Council strengthens Kansas City’s global perspective by maintaining an active dialogue around world events, global issues, and their impact on our community. As a nonpartisan, educational nonprofit organization, the IRC values informed civil discourse, accessibility, and substance as we work to sharpen our community’s 21st-century global acumen.

Our vision is a globally informed, engaged, and active Kansas City community that welcomes diverse perspectives and connects through a sincere desire to contribute to our shared future.

Learn more about the IRC on our website at

Required Qualifications

  • Be a current member of the IRC, or be willing to become a member once joining the board
  • Interpret the organization’s work and values to the community, represent the organization, and act as a spokesperson to invite others to connect with the IRC
  • Serve actively on at least one board committee – Education, Finance, or Membership Development
  • Be able to commit the time required to serve – one meeting per month, with full-board and committee meetings in alternating months, and regular participation in IRC events
  • Promote the IRC in a variety of ways, including making connections and sharing information about upcoming programs and opportunities with his/her network
  • Participate actively in fundraising, and contribute financially at a level that is personally meaningful
  • Be willing to commit to a three-year term on the board
  • Be free of significant conflicts of interest which might not allow the proper execution of the duties of a member of the board of directors

Preferred Qualifications

  • Professional or personal experience working across cultures or living and working overseas
  • Demonstrated passion for international affairs, foreign policy, global experiences, trade, or global issues
  • Fundraising or grant-writing experience
  • Individuals employed by organizations not currently affiliated with the IRC, but who would like to bring his/her organization into the IRC membership network, are strongly encouraged to apply

Nomination Process

Please email your nomination statement no later than Friday, September 29, to, with “Board Nomination” in the subject line. You are most welcome to contact us if you have questions about the process: 816-897-6474.

  • You may nominate a colleague or friend. Please email a statement that includes the name, professional affiliation, phone number, and email address of the person you wish to nominate. In the statement, please include a brief biography of your nominee as well as what, in your view, qualifies him/her/them to be a good fit for the IRC board of directors.
  • You may nominate yourself. Please email a statement that includes your name, professional affiliation, phone number, and email address. In the statement, please include a brief biography as well as interests and qualifications that make you a good fit for the IRC board of directors.