Global Education Resources: International Relations
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The International Relations Council is pleased to offer global education resources as a collection of free webpages, videos, PDFs, games, and lesson plans covering a variety of international topics for the use of teachers and students. The purpose of this page is to provide introductory materials on international relations. The sharing of these resources should not be construed as an endorsement of any of the organizations providing the resources.

This page contains resources relating to international relations. Simply click the resource title to be linked to the source. If there's a resource you don't see here, or if you have additional resources you would like to share or request, please click here ».

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International Relations

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This page includes resources pertaining to, relations among other countries, government, peace, and economics.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Disputed Territory [MAP] Link  more ] Administration 10/11/2018
Explainers [IA] Link  more ] Administration 10/11/2018
Foreign Relations Quizzes [IA] Link  more ] Administration 10/11/2018
GDP Per Capita [DATA] Link  more ] Administration 10/11/2018
Global Open Data Index [DATA] Link  more ] Administration 10/11/2018
Global Risk Report [DATA] Link  more ] Administration 10/11/2018
Migration Policy [WS] Link  more ] Administration 10/11/2018
Our World in Data [DATA] Link  more ] Administration 10/11/2018
PeaceMaker Simulation [IA] Link  more ] Administration 2/14/2019
Transparency International [MAP] Link  more ] Administration 10/11/2018
World Inequity Research [WS] Link  more ] Administration 10/11/2018
WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs [WS] Link  more ] Administration 10/11/2018